Cable and wire management

What to Do With All Those Unruly Wires

It doesn't take a lot of money to get some organization and get a handle on crazy, out of control wires. If you're looking for a way to keep your headphone wires neat while transporting them, or tame the wire beast under your desk, or make the area where you charge all of your gadgets look neat, you've come to the right place. Continue reading for some wire management tips.

One thing you can do is label your plugs. A label maker will great neat little stickers for you or you can even use some tape. If you are constantly unplugging gadgets because you don't have a lot of outlets, figuring out which plugs goes to which machine can be a headache. Besides detangling is made easier when the plugs are labeled. If you're feeling fancy, you can purchase stickers that are specifically made to fit on plugs. They fit the shape of the plug perfectly and look pretty cool.

Sometimes wires get tangled when they've been put away. Paper roll towels can double as wire organizers and they are pretty cheap, too. Sticking wound up wires inside of a paper towel roll prevents the wires from unraveling. Foam piping works as well. The dark gray foam piping has a nice aesthetic. You can also cut it easily. After cutting holes in the foam, you can pipe wires and cords through the hole. Here's a good read about surface raceway, check it out! 

One office supply you probably have laying around is a binder clip. A binder clip is a metal and plastic clip that holds papers together. You can clip wires to your desk to keep things streamlined with binder clips. You can also hold the wires together using the clips.

If you hate your wires being all over the floor, cable trays are another option for you. Cable trays stick to the underside of your desk where no one can see them. You can also store other small things in your cable tray as well.

No matter how clean a room is, a lot of wires everywhere can make it look untidy. It has been shown that disorganization in spaces leads to disorganization in our lives. One place you don't what wires cluttering up things is at work, where productivity and creativity are important.

Luckily, you've received a few tips about how to manage all of the wires you have. It is important to work and live in clutter-free space. Many studies have shown the adverse effects of clutter.