Cable and wire management

Cable Wire Management for Beginners

It is important for home offices and small businesses to organise their cables and wires. More often than not, larger offices and corporations will hire a cable management company to come in and make sure their wires are safely stored away, however a small business may be able to cut costs and do this themselves with a little bit of training. The only thing a small company needs is the tools in which you can store your own cables. your TV, computer, audio system, home theatres, decorations, and kitchen appliances all have wires which need to be managed. You can read more facts about cable management system right here. 

When dealing with home offices, many printers, computers, internet routers, and telecommunication equipment can be a wiring nightmare. Some buildings offer writing solutions for bigger issues at the time of construction, however in this article we will discuss how a small business owner or home office worker may be able to manage the left over wires by themselves. Writing organisation is generally quite affordable. Find out for further details on vertical wire management here, check this out! 

To start, one needs to identity the types of cables and wires that are in need of management. There are four types of wires you should look for, Electrical, Telecommunication, Audio -Video and data cable. These wires are all different and need to be managed separately. This is important for preventing future problems such as data communication errors due to electronic interference. Be especially careful with electrical wires as they emanate heat and have been know to damage other cables and wires around them. Electric wires can also cause Electro Magnetic Interference, so please be aware of this as well when thinking about cable management solutions.

The second step in our wall cable management solution is to properly bundle wall cables. The easiest solution for most cables is to bundle them together using zip ties or cable ties. These ties are especially convenient because they can be purchased cheaply and don't require special equipment to install.

Once you have successfully bundled your wires together, it's important to cover the bundles to ensure they do not become dirty or disturbed. Cables and wires cane be damaged beyond repair by children, pets, dust, cuts, and scratches. Cable raceways are a simple and affordable cable protection tool. These covers are simple to install and can be used anywhere including concrete flooring, carpeted areas, and hardwood flooring. These covers are easy to install and be be run through floors, walls, and ceilings. These covers do not require drilling or permanent damage as they can be applied with a strong and removable adhesive. These raceways come in a variety of colors to match your decor. Finally, molded joints are available for the perfect finishing touch.

In consolation, it's important to consider cable wire management as part of your home office or small business.